We are all different and we all desire different types and styles of interaction. WE HAVE A COACHING SOLUTION FOR EVERYONE. Our coaching methods are based on a proven strategy for behavior change and risk reduction.

A Health Coach is someone who makes it easy to follow-through with the choices you’ve already made for your health.

A Health Coach is someone who inspires people to grow habits that support their well-being.

A Health Coach is a master of habit change

Healthy habits create healthy results. Change a habit and you change a life.

Onsite Coaching

• Located at the workplace
• Face-to-face
• Someone you know

Supported Coaching

• Experienced health coach acts as an ongoing partner
• Delivered telephonically and virtually

Individual Coaching

• Delivered online
• Self-paced program, tailored to individual needs

Group Coaching

• Led by a dedicated health coach
• Components include video conferencing devices, discussion boards and social support

Our Health Coaches: Expertise and Experience

US health coaches act as partners trained to help people set personal health goals and determine realistic steps for making and sustaining change.
• Our highly-trained and experienced coaches have diverse business and academic backgrounds. Their areas of expertise include medical, alternative medicine, education, public health, nutrition and corporate health promotion
• All have a minimum of a bachelors’ degree and have five or more years of professional work experience.