About Karen, CEO of US Health Coaches: As a clinic director working in preventative health care for 22 years, I am well aware of obesity and overweight contributing to an increased risk of many diseases, inflammatory conditions, and even many forms of cancer. Many of our patients were very young. I counseled them on the benefits of healthy eating and lifestyle. However, it wasn’t until 6 years ago that I had the tools for getting weight off fast and safely. I began offering Optimal Health in the clinics, and the results have been astounding. I have helped people transform their lives first by getting down to their optimal weight. Instead of reacting to disease, I help people create health. It is amazing to be giving people hope and helping them get their lives back as they get their weight off. Obesity creates inflammation that can wreak havoc on every organ system in the body. Losing weight markedly reduces inflammation and can at times even eliminate it completely. Weight comes off safely, without the loss of muscle mass. I coach and support clients so they learn how to keep weight off for life. With our program, people will learn the habits of health, so they can create vitality and longevity instead of sickness and disease. Recently, I retired from clinic management to work optimal health full time. My commitment now is to wellness and prevention. With two thirds of adults and one third of children overweight or obese, I want to do my part to get this country healthy. We are in an era of personal responsibility and empowerment. What could be more exciting?

About our company: Our goal is onsite health coaching programs in the workplace. We develop strategies which encourage employee engagement towards making behavioral and lifestyle changes for the better.

Wellness coaching can help you achieve more employee participation in wellness  than ever before possible. Now in the wellness space, employee populations have the opportunity to benefit from the power of wellness coaching to improve their well-being — and their lives.

Our coaching model utilizes our highly trained wellness coaches to connect with and coach employees – one-on-one and in a way specifically tailored to your organization. Our goal is the disease management component of wellness care that produces 90% of your Wellness programs’ ROI. We move employees to sustained improvement in the health-related risk factors . Our wellness coaching model is integrated with our clients’ other workplace wellness resources, and customized for each person and employer we serve.

"A Health Coach is someone who makes it easy to follow-through with the choices you’ve already made for your health."